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Lala here, I want to tell you a story about why my Mummy started making baby clothes….


Mummy, Grandma and Grandad have told us lots of stories about the lovely places they have lived in. Our Mummy went to a kindergarten in somewhere very far away from London (I can't remember the name - it was very hot and sunny, with a pool and palm trees and began with the letter B). She also lived in Hong Kong and speaks Chinese which is very clever and sounds very funny to me because I don't understand what she is saying. Mum calls Grandma and Grandad "mad hippies" I don't really know what it means (maybe they like hippopotamus'?).

So, Mummy and Daddy love taking us on really cool holidays, our favourites are by the seaside where we can splash in the warm sea, dig in the sand and eat ice creams. Sometimes Mummy goes off on her own to her favourite place, India, to get some peace and quiet and lots of inspiration. Daddy and Zizo are always complaining that she is filling up the house with stuff but I love it, lots of colourful fabrics and jangly jewellery.

My Daddy is Lebanese and speaks Arabish which sounds a bit like gobbledegook to me…Every year we go to Lebanon which is my favourite holiday place, I love the sunshine and the yummy food and hugging my Jido (Grandad)

Mummy says having her babies changed her life and her shopping habits. She used to make ladies clothes and decided that making stuff for us, from things she has found on her travels would be much more fun, she keeps looking at old photos of her and my Auntie and has made some designs from the old pictures which I really like especially the little sundresses.

I've helped Mummy with some lovely drawings of the clothes and we hope you like them too.

Namaste (that's a fancy word for peace , the thing Mummy is always looking for in India)

Lots of love


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