My sister and I would spend our weekends knee deep in white sand, splashing around in crystal water chasing jelly fish, and diving off junks (a type of boat) anchored off the islands in Hong Kong. My early childhood years were spent much like this; beautifully slow and rich with experience. Our explorer parents led us to new and exotic places, like Saudi Arabia where we also lived and spent afternoons swimming with little fish nibbling at our toes (this was before it became a beauty trend!).


The decades I’ve spent as a fashion buyer was of deliberate design so that I could do more of what I had become accustomed to; travel and exploration. This wanderlust seems to stem from an almost genetic disposition which took me inter-railing across Europe as a teenager. My deep curiosity and love of hunting and gathering unusual things led me to India which has now become my creative and spiritual touchstone.

The exoticism and earthy anchor of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in India, lures my inner rebel and bohemian love for fabric, texture, colour and evocative symbolism. It’s how my new children’s clothing brand “Lala & Zizo” was born (the nicknames of my two beloved children). Having children completely changed my life and it’s through these collections I’m able to present a beautiful fusion of everything I love through each and every garment, imagined worn by my two precious little ones.

In India, ’Kirtan’ is the word used for a devotional song. Much like its rhythm which lures enchanted souls into the Indian landscape, so too does the rich and down to earth culture of the country lure me and my eye for art, design and clothing. My garments have a modern sensibility and at the same time encapsulate the mood of India bohmemia from the print of my marshmallow pink Baby- Bandhini set to the embroidery on my signature dresses and kaftans (for up to three years).

Launching this April (not before I touch down once more in Jaipur to approve my gems) I am excited to exhibit and present Lala & Zizo pieces to all the high quality fabric and character loving Mamas in London and beyond. I’ve deliberately created each piece to evoke an air of nostalgia which can be treasured as keepsakes forever; much like how I treasure my biggest influencers ... travel, adventure and hunting for all things precious and unusual.


I hope you've enjoyed the insight into my brand if you would like to keep hearing my stories please feel free to click on the link below and I'll keep you updated on the launch which is fast approaching. I'll also be running a competition to win some of my lovely treasures and you will be the 1st to know.


mum of Lala and Zizo

(sometimes also known as Vickie)


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