This weeks spotlight is on the ocean wave print! I really love prints pattern and texture and you'll see that all over the collection more is always best in my book. So when I was thinking about creating the collection I knew that print and embroidery had to be at the core of Lala + Zizo.


I think I've mentioned before that I regularly travel to India to soak up the incredible inspiration. On every corner down every street lies a new discovery and each time I return I am like a child being presented with a new shiny toy. My favourite city is definitely Jaipur, nicknamed 'the pink city' due to its pale pink painted walls which adorn the whole of this beautiful city. Jaipur is a hub of creativity and was even designed to be so by one of the Maharajas, today it is still a hub of creativity celebrating so many beautiful skills and techniques.


Back to our gorgeous print and how it was born! There is a very famous turban shop in one of the busiest parts of the city and I found the most gorgeous old piece of textile, it caught my eye and after some playing around with colours and aesthetics the 'ocean wave print' was born.


I'm a child of the 70's so i do have a definite leaning towards mad colour combos but I thought we would keep this fresh and contemporary perfect for a modern look. If you look really closely you'll see that the lines are a little uneven this is beacuse the screens for thsi print have been cut by hand and each metre of fabric is individually screen printed not made in a huge factory on a large machine. Like the authentic nature of the old techniques I so admire, I wanted to celebrate these skills in my collection. Isn't it wonderful to know where your clothes are made (more about this in one of my future posts)


I hope you love our little print it's perfect for girls and boys and is already being conjured up in lots of other gorgeous colours. 

Would love to know which is your favourite print 


Vickie aka: mum of Lala + Zizo





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