Last year when I was researching for the collection I knew I had to have a really beautiful signature print. Naturally, with my bohemian leaning, I sensed it should have a connection to my brand story. I am passionate about the way we print our fabrics, we are proud to offer a collection which celebrates the art of hand-made through and through, here’s how.


The conversation actually started whilst brainstorming with my amazingly talented print designer Nicolette, as all of our prints are designed from scratch. Originally my idea was to create a story around a bug and a butterfly. You may have read in my about us story that my husband is Lebanese and that Zizo is an Arabic name. Zizo is an Arabic nickname for a bug so this is what sparked my idea. We spent week researching vintage drawings and illustrations and over a few months of fine tuning we landed on the print we have today. During my research I discovered the spiritual symbolism relating to the butterfly, this little creature is often sighted as a symbol of feminine energy which I loved instantly.



If you look closely you will see that inside each of the butterflies wings hides our other signature prints – the ‘Ocean Wave’ and the ‘Jaipur Booti’ skillfully and subtlety pulling the collection together.

At the risk of sounding geeky this print is really complex because of all of this detail. It has 7 screens, which means it has 7 layers of colour! Each screen has to be printed separately, which makes this creation so complex and time consuming. The skill involved in matching each layer is amazing and this is why I have chosen to work with a high expertise print mill which still uses this amazing technique.


Just to finish it off, we’ve added layers of beautiful embroidery onto this print which gives that final delicious hand finished detail, I hope you love our little designs them as much as we do.




Aka: mum of Lala + Zizo

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