You may have gathered by now that I am slightly drawn to print. As people have been looking at the collection, many people have asked me how do you do that? Meaning, how do you take an idea and turn it into a print and then into a garment. It takes time, patience and trial and error but it is a really fun process seeing your ideas come to life. So, here’s a snap shot of how.


The inspiration behind this print is very much from my years of travel to India. My career as a fashion buyer over the last 20 years working for some amazing brands has taken me to India and all over the world. Looking back this may have been unintentionally by design. I chose the brands I worked for mainly due to their connection with the East as the level of skill and sources of inspiration are endless, I knew that I needed to spend more time in this rich and vibrant country. 



A booti (or Buti as it is sometimes spelt) is a simple motif print, usually based on an image from nature whether that be a leaf or flower ,we chose a tiny little tree like shape just because we liked it. This age old print skill dates back thousands of years in India, and is still being done in a famous part of Jaipur called Bagru. Watching the Indian artisans create gorgeous block-printed textiles in person left me mesmerized and I knew that I wanted a simple modern version of this design in the collection, old techniques filtered with a modern aesthetic.


Back home in London the fun begins where I met with our super talented print designer Nicolette and we worked tirelessly on the perfect shape booti, tweaking the spacing, the colours and then giving it out seal of approval to be cut into a screen a quick trip back to India to make sure it was as perfect as it could be I approved the final artwork for these gorgeous little creations to be made just for your baby.

I have a feeling this print will be a firm favourite in our collection, endless possibilities like these little harem trousers below. The lemon is available to buy online watch out for the others soon!


I hope you enjoyed delving into our world of design watch out for the next blog, I’m flicking through some amazing embroidery videos this could well be the next post, watch this space.

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