About Us


A career as a Womenswear Fashion Buyer for 20 years took her all over
the world and eventually to her most in
fluential touchstone - India. With her intuitive flair for product development and brand building, Vickie created this new baby bohemian brand “Lala and Zizo”, named after her two beloved children who have influenced each and every piece; be it the marshmallow-pink baby-bandhini sets or the baby grows blockprinted with enchanting elephants.

Professionally and personally Vickie has an intuitive understanding of how the wearer experiences a garment. Together with her children she has conceived each garment, innately knowing how little wearers want to feel and look.

A source of remarkable energy and enthusiasm, with evocative design tales of exploring and sourcing, seeping into every sketch and pattern, Vickie is an excellent ambassador for her brand, attracting a growing base of fans and followers all eager to buy from the new collection as it launches this Spring (2016).